About Australyak

Wavewalk, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of patented twin-hull (catamaran) kayaks and portable boats that offer unrivaled stability, zero back pain, unrivaled ease of paddling, and more storage than any other kayak does. To learn more about our kayaks visit our website wavewalk.com

What is Australyak?

Australyak is how we nicknamed the factory-direct service that we’ve been offering our Australian clients since 2009. Our company’s main website features several reviews contributed by Australian clients, some of which are anglers, and others are paddlers and photographers.

Ordering a Wavewalk kayak factory direct

It’s simple:
You contact Wavewalk by email, like any other customer does. We offer full technical and marketing support 7 days a week, all year round. If you want, we’ll call you and discuss with you all the questions you have about our products.
Once you know what model and accessories you want to order, you can pay by international check in US dollars, or by direct transfer (ACH) from your bank account to Wavewalk’s account.
We ship within a couple of weeks from receipt of payment.
We ship each Wavewalk kayak in a custom cardboard box, for best protection.
We will ship your Wavewalk kayak at no extra charge to the US port from which the forwarding agent of your choice will take care of shipping it to its final destination in Australia. You will be responsible for paying your forwarding agent for ocean shipping to Australia.
Typical transit time from the US to Australian ports is 5 weeks.

Additional expenses in Australia:

  • Duty – Our kayaks, paddles and other accessories are 100% Made in USA, and thanks to the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) from 2004, duty is for this class of products (Canoes and kayaks) is negligible.
  • GST – You’d be required to pay this local tax, as you do for every other product in Australia.
  • Customs clearing fees and port fees that may vary from time to time, and from one port to another.
  • Other expenses may apply, such as inland shipping to your address if you don’t pickup the kayak at the port.