Order your Wavewalk® factory-direct from us

Wavewalk, Inc. is an American company who manufactures patented twin-hull (catamaran) kayaks and car-top boats that offer unrivaled stability, zero back pain, unmatched ease of paddling, and more storage than any other kayak does. To learn more about our kayaks and car-top boats visit our website wavewalk.com

What is Australyak?

Australyak is how we nicknamed the factory-direct service that we’ve been offering our Australian clients for years.  Our company’s main website features several reviews contributed by Australian clients, some of which are anglers, and others are paddlers and photographers.

How does ordering a Wavewalk® kayak or car-top boat factory-direct work?

It’s fairly simple:
You contact Wavewalk by email, like any other customer does. We offer full technical and marketing support 7 days a week, all year round.
Once you know what model and accessories you want to order, you can pay by international check in US dollars, or by direct transfer (ACH) from your bank account to Wavewalk’s account.
We ship within a few days from receipt of payment.
We ship each Wavewalk® kayak and car-top boat in a custom cardboard box.
Our regular shipping destinations in Australia are the 5 main ports: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle.
Your total additional cost for shipping the kayak from the U.S. factory to the Australian port of your choice is $210 US for a W500, and $270 for a W700. This price includes insurance.
Typical transit time from the US to Australian ports is 5 weeks.

Additional expenses in Australia:

  • Duty – Our kayaks, paddles and other accessories are 100% Made in USA, and thanks to the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) from 2004, duty is the lowest for this class of products (Canoes and kayaks).
  • GST – You’d be required to pay this local tax, as you do for every other product in Australia.
  • Customs clearing fees and port fees that may vary from time to time, and from one port to another.
  • Other expenses may apply, such as local storage or inland shipping to your address if you don’t pickup the kayak at the port.

DISCLAIMER:  The Australian business that called itself Blue Edge Sports had never been Wavewalk’s dealer or its distributor, and while it was active it was not affiliated with our company in any way. Blue Edge Sports did not purchase its stock of Wavewalk® kayaks from our company. Blue Edge Sports used text and graphics in its website that mislead visitors to think that they are visiting the website of an Australian business that’s affiliated with Wavewalk, and this notion is entirely false. Learn more »

We are interested in recruiting individuals and businesses in Australia to serve as our local dealers and distributors.


Kayak fishing in New Zealand

New Zealand is blessed with rivers and lakes, a very long shoreline, bountiful fisheries, and many avid anglers. No wonder kayak fishing has become popular there!

While many anglers in New Zealand fish from traditional sit-on-top kayaks and sit-in kayaks, a growing number of them is switching to the new W kayaks, and for a number of good reasons. The first being that these catamaran style kayaks are more comfortable than the traditional types. In other words, they don’t induce back pain, leg numbness or any other form of discomfort or injury, and this is important as it gets, considering the fact that fishing trips can take many hours.
Needless to say that many anglers are no longer are not necessarily young or fit, which turns the ergonomic factor into a critical one.
The second reason that makes W kayaks increasingly popular in New Zealand is the unrivaled stability they offer. In fact, these are the only kayaks that offer their users to paddle standing up in full confidence even in moving water, and to fish standing without paying much attention to balancing. The stability factor is indeed important, and the lack of stability in kayaks is one of the main reasons most people prefer to fish from shore or from bigger boats.
The ability to stay dry becomes even more important for those who fish offshore, and have to launch their kayaks in the surf.

Dennis Hodgetts has been a kayak fishing enthusiast for many years, and one of the first anglers in New Zealand to use a W kayak. His favorable experience with this kayak combined with his business experience drove him to become Wavewalk’s distributor in this country.
Dennis imports unfinished W kayaks from the United States, and he assembles them locally, in Hamilton, south of Auckland.
Dennis’ dealer in the Southern Island is Murray Buchanan, who’s located in Nelson.

Dennis and Murray offer to outfit their clients’ kayaks for fishing, and they also have plenty of good advice on motorizing, fishing techniques, local fish species, etc.

So, if you’re looking for information about kayak fishing in New Zealand, and you’d like to learn more about this new and better fishing kayak, contact Dennis or Murray!

Four passengers on board a stable fishing kayak – Tasmania

As Australians are becoming more interested in fishing out of kayaks, so does their interest in kayak stability grow.
If you ever fished out of a kayak, even one designed for angling, you must have noticed the lack of both comfort and stability.
This Tasmanian grandfather took the time to do some research about these issues, and others, since at eighty years old, these things really matter to you, especially if you’re planning to take three of your grandchildren on board, as guests.

Four passengers on board a stable fishing kayak - Tasmania, Australia
Four passengers on board a stable fishing kayak – Tasmania