Bird-Watching on the Canning River With Ofer

Ofer lives in Sydney, Australia, and he recently got his W500 fishing kayak:

I am very happy, as the W500 is exactly what I needed.

It is perfect for my needs. Very stable and easy to maneuver.

Since I am using W 500 for photography, and I carry around 20 grand worth of equipment, I need it to be very stable and safe. I am using it in lakes and in calm sea, and in very shallow water at times. Looks great and I love it!

I am hoping to take my wife and 4 years old son on the kayak on weekends.

I mounted a serious electric motor on it.

Sometimes I need to transport the W500 over long distances as I have to access remote locations for bird photography. Attached are photos of the transport system I have made. It’s a modification of John Putnam’s kayak wheel setup. Very simple, easy to make and works like a dream!


Kayak rigged with wheel for easy transportation


Shaun’s South Australian Kayak Fishing Trip

I did get out in the surf the weekend before last, and managed a bit of stand-up action in some 1m  swell – only fell out once!

I did manage to get out on Saturday morning – the weather was good for autumn – the sea was flat and comfortable! I also used the anchor for the first time and that worked great.

fishing kayak on the beach - South Australia

I was happy to get 3 nice calamari squid in a short time. The largest is 35 cm total mantle length.
I’m still not that game to go too far offshore – about 500m is my limit so far.

Calamari squid caught in fishing kayak - South Australia

This weekend I’ve planned to give it a try in a local river, the Onkaparinga, and maybe flick a few bream lures around.

It can get a bit chilly here in mid winter . The coldest month is July, with a mean 9am temperature of 10.4 Celcius.

The piece of water I was catching dinner from is the Gulf St. Vincent.

If I’m any good, I’ll eventually be able to send you pics of yak-caught King George Whiting, Yellowfin Whiting, leatherjackets, Snook, Garfish, Salmon and Salmon trout, Bream, Tommy Ruff, and (fingers crossed) Snapper -All fantastic sport fish and great on the plate.

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